Approved Ordinance No. 2021-159   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2021-159
Adopting a Town Code Amendment to Chapter
2.20.050 (Positions Appointed by the Town Manager).
November 8, 2021
  Approved Ordinance No. 2022-160   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2022-160 Adopting a Zoning Code
Text Amendment to Chapter 18.69.070 (Assurance Requirements).
January 24, 2022
  Approved Ordinance No. 2022-161   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2022-161 Adopting 162 Acre Parcel of Land Owned by Green Valley 28 L.L.P. and Adopting La Villita Specific Plan  March 28, 2022
  Approved Ordinance No. 2022-162   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2022-162
Adopting a Town Code Amendment to Chapter 2.15.010 (Regular and Special Council Meetings) of the Town Code of the Town of Sahuarita, repealing all resolutions, ordinances, and rules of the Town of Sahuarita in conflict therewith.
October 24, 2022
  Approved Ordinance No. 2022-163   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2022-163 Deleting Chapter 18.81 (“Grading Standards”) in its Entirety and Adopting a New Title 16 (“Grading Standards”); Inclusive of Penalties for Violation of The New Title Contained in New Chapter 16.80, and Repealing all Resolutions, Ordinances, and Rules of The Town of Sahuarita in Conflict Therewith. November 14, 2022