Sahuarita Wastewater Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I have questions how can I contact Sahuarita Wastewater?
You can email any questions to the Wastewater department and you will receive a response within one business day; or call (520) 344-7101, Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm, Mountain Standard Time, to speak to a representative. You may also mail us at 375 W. Sahuarita Center Way, Sahuarita, AZ 85629.

How do I set up an account with the Sahuarita Wastewater Utility?
We work closely with the Sahuarita Water Company. Your account will be set up automatically once you establish an account with the Sahuarita Water Company. To learn more, contact the water company at (520) 399-1105 or visit the website

There is a $10 setup charge on new accounts.  

 What is the difference between Sahuarita Water Company and Sahuarita Wastewater Utility?
The Sahuarita Water Company is a private utility that provides potable water to its customers. The Company is regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The Sahuarita Wastewater Utility is a Town operation that manages the collection and treatment of wastewater/sewer for its customers. The Utility is governed by the Town Council. 

 I used to receive one bill for water and sewer. Why do I get two bills now?
In the past, the Town contracted the Sahuarita Water Company to bill for sewer services on behalf of the Wastewater Utility. The Water Company decided not to renew the contract with the Town. The Town has been responsible for the Wastewater Utility’s billing since August 1, 2014. 

 What billing system do you use?
The Town uses the MuniBilling web-based system. MuniBilling allows customers to enroll in the system using the information on your most recent billing statement. Go to the MuniBilling website to setup a user login ID and password. You will receive a confirmation email of your setup. Once your account is established you will have access to the following: 

  • Access to your account information 
  • Ability to make on-line payments 
  • Ability to setup automatic payments 
  • Ability to request how bills are delivered (i.e., email) 
  • Immediately view payments made on-line

 How can I pay my sewer bill?

  1. You can pay online by going to the MuniBilling website. Please have your most recent billing statement available to setup a user login ID and password. Once established, you will be able to make a one-time payment with debit/credit card or setup auto payment. Payments are reflected on your account immediately.
  2. You can pay by check or money order by mailing your payment to our Wells Fargo merchant lockbox address at:
    P.O. Box 52775 Phoenix, AZ 85072-2775

    Please include remittance coupon with your payment. Upon receipt, all lockbox payments are processed by the following business day. Please do not send correspondence with your payment to the lockbox address. See below for ways to contact us. 
  3. You can make a payment over the phone by calling (520) 344-7101. Payments handled by an account representative are processed immediately. 
  4. You can pay in person at the Sahuarita Town Hall in the Development Services lobby, Monday-Friday, during normal business hours of 8am to 5pm. In addition, a drop box is located in the lobby next to the front counter. Payments handled by the account representative are processed immediately. Drop box payments are processed on the same business day.

Can I get assistance logging into my account in MuniBilling?
Please refer to the MuniBilling customer portal login guide (PDF) or contact us at (520) 344-7101.

 Why am I not getting emails from MuniBilling? 

It’s possible that your email server is considering these as junk email or spam. A possible solution is to change your email settings, marking emails from "" as safe. 

 How much do you charge for sewer services?
In the past, the Town of Sahuarita Wastewater Utility charged per 100 cubic feet of water consumed, but restructured the billing to charge by the thousands of gallons of actual water consumed, less an irrigation credit.

 Effective January 1, 2019, the Wastewater Utility charges a base service fee of $18.97 each month to all customers connected to the Wastewater Sewer System. In addition, a consumption fee of $8.39 per thousand-gallons of actual water used each month is charged. An irrigation credit, which reduces the consumption fee by 20%, will be provided on the bill. This credit is used to adjust for the water that does not discharge into the sewer system. Commercial accounts may require a multiplier to the consumption fee, depending on the business classification. A table of factors is provided in the Sahuarita Town Code (STC) §13.10.070. 

 How do you determine how much water I consumed?
The Sahuarita Water Company provides the Town with each account’s water consumption figures (in thousands of gallons) on a monthly basis. The data is imported into the MuniBilling System prior to processing the monthly bills and adjusted by the 20% irrigation credit. 

 Can I use an alternative irrigation credit?
Yes. The 20% standard irrigation credit works for the majority of customers. For some, however, this 20% credit may not adequately account for the amount of water that is not discharged to the sewer system. For these customers, the Utility will allow for an alternative method to calculate the credit, so long as the amount can be validated. See the Standalone Irrigation Meter (SIM) Program brochure (PDF) and the program enrollment form for more information.

How can I appeal my sewer bill?
Under the Town’s Code, customers have 90 days after the billing date to protest a bill for incorrect charges and/or to have the bill adjusted for anomalies impacting water consumption that does not result in discharge to the sewer system (e.g. irrigation water leaks, pool fill-ups). To make an appeal, you will need to complete this form or by contacting us.

 Why are rates increasing?
The Town Council approved changes to the sewer rates and billing structure based upon recommendation of a financial plan and rate study completed by an independent consulting firm. The approved changes will help the Wastewater Utility be more efficient and meet its financial obligations and goals.

 What is the service period for a sewer bill?
The service period is the month in which sewer/wastewater services are provided to our customers. Bills are sent the following month, in arrears. For example, a bill sent in September will be for the August service period.

 When do I have to pay my sewer bill?
The due date will be provided on the monthly bill. Typically, bills will be mailed and/or emailed by the 10th of the month and be due on the last day of the month. 

How much do I owe?
The amount owed will be reflected on the monthly bill. Payments made after the due date may not be reflected on the next bill as time is needed for bill processing. However, at any time you can log into the MuniBilling system and see any payments that were received and applied to your account. 

A new “Budget Billing” feature will be available to customers who have established one year of historical data. This feature will allow a customer to make fixed payments throughout the year, to assist with the actual water consumption fluctuations experienced throughout the year. Apply for Budget Billing online.

I have a past due amount on my sewer bill. Are there payment plan options?
Yes, the Town of Sahuarita Wastewater Utility has payment plan options available to sewer customers. Please call the Town of Sahuarita Wastewater Utility at (520) 344-7101 or email the Wastewater Department to request additional information.

Do you charge late fees?
Yes. Delinquent user fees shall be assessed a late penalty fee of $10 each month a delinquent balance remains unpaid. Additionally, interest charges shall accrue on delinquent account balances at a rate of 10 percent annum until balances are paid in full. Accounts that are grossly past due will be subject to additional penalty fees and pass-through charges.

Are there any financial assistance programs?
There are programs that provide assistance to qualifying individuals. See our Community Resources webpage for more information. 

Do you offer a vacancy rate?
No. Due to the change in our rate structure and charging for “actual” water consumption, this is no longer necessary. The monthly base service fee will still apply regardless of the amount of water used in the month.

Why is my sewer bill higher than my water bill?
Potable (drinking) water delivered to homes and businesses comes from surface water provided by the Central Arizona Project or from ground water. These natural and relatively clean water resources require some treatment before they are delivered to customers. After the water is used, it becomes "wastewater," which requires a much higher and costly level of treatment. This water eventually is returned to the environment and must be cleaned so it doesn't harm plants, animals or people.

Do you offer paperless billing?
Yes. You can save $1 per month if you sign up for paperless billing. Paperless billing saves money on printing, processing, and postage. The Town will pass these savings on to all customers who elect to receive E-bills and not printed bills. Customers can sign up through the Customer portal or by calling (520) 344-7101.