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When you set up an account with the Sahuarita Water Company, you’ll also establish an account with the Wastewater Utility. There is a $10 charge on new accounts.WW facility 2

To learn more, call  520.399.1105 or visit the Sahuarita Water website.

Are the Sahuarita Water Company and Sahuarita Wastewater Utility different from each other?


The Sahuarita Water Company is a private water utility regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The Sahuarita Wastewater Utility is governed by the Sahuarita Town Council and manages the collection and treatment of wastewater (sewage) for our residents. That’s why you receive separate bills for water and sewer service. Since 2014, the Town of Sahuarita has been responsible for wastewater billing. 

Can I pay my sewer bill online?


You can save $1 per month if you opt for paperless billing, which saves money on printing, processing and postage. You can sign up for paperless billing at the Sahuarita Wastewater Customer portal or by calling 520.344.7101.

What are my options to pay my sewer bill?

There are several options for paying your wastewater billing.  See below:

4 ways to pay your bill rev 7.14.20

How is my wastewater bill calculated?

The Wastewater Utility charges a base service fee of $18.97 each month to all customers connected to the Wastewater Sewer System and $8.39 per thousand gallons of water used each month. Consumption is measured and reported by the Sahuarita Water Company.

A 20 percent irrigation credit is used to adjust for water not discharged into the sewer system. These numbers may be different for businesses. If you’re interested in an alternative irrigation credit, see the Standalone Irrigation Meter Program brochure below and the program enrollment form

Bills sent in September will reflect water and sewer charges for August. Payment is due by the end of the month.

A $10 late fee is added each month for delinquent accounts. Interest will accrue on delinquent accounts until the balance is paid.

You can get more information on sewer fees on page 34 of the Sahuarita Town Budget

WHAT DO MY WASTEWATER FEES PAY FOR?What does your wastewater bill pay for

Can I appeal my sewer bill?


Customers have 90 days after the billing date to ask for a review of a bill. To make an appeal, complete this form or contact us.

Do you offer budget billing? Or payment plans?


We do. “Budget Billing” is available those who have been customers for at least one year. With "Budget Billing," customers make fixed payments throughout the year to offset water-use fluctuations. Apply for Budget Billing online.

If you would like to set up a payment plan for a past-due amount, please call the Town of Sahuarita Wastewater Utility at 520.344.7101 or email the Wastewater Department.


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Click here for the application form.

Why is my sewer bill higher than my water bill?

Drinking water requires treatment before it is delivered to customers. After the water is used, the resulting "wastewater" requires a higher level of treatment so that when it is returned to the environment, it doesn’t harm plants, animals or people.

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