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Local Roads Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation side by sidePavement preservation treatments like chip and fog seals are keys ways to extend the life of our neighborhood streets.

Find out when your street is scheduled for pavement preservation by clicking this link and entering your address.

first photos of neighborhood streets after pavement preservation work:

1st Neighborhood Finished Photo 11st Neighborhood Finished Photo 2

The Town has begun work on this years’ pavement preservation program for local roads. The Town has contracted with Holbrook Asphalt Co. for this project. Prior to the start of any construction impacted residents will receive notification of any street closures or other impacts related to the project. (Maps of areas scheduled for treatment in October are included are below).  For more information on what you will need to do when your street is having pavement preservation work done, please click here.

Presidio Del Cielo

Presidio Del Cielo Overhead DATES

La Joya Verde Block

La Joya Verde Block Overhead DATES

Presidio at Rancho Sahuarita

Presidios at Rancho Sahuarita Overhead DATES

Vuelta Granadina

Vuelta Granadina Overhead DATES

Los Arroyos Del Este

Los Arroyos Del Este Overhead DATES

Pima Mine Road (I-19 on-ramp to Nogales Highway)

Starting in late September, early October, the Town will doing pavement preservation treatments on Pima Mine Road.The Town has contracted with Southern Arizona Paving (SAP) for this project. It is anticipated that the project will take 2 to 3 weeks to complete with minimal impacts to the traveling public. Message boards will be placed prior to the start of construction to alert travelers of any possible delays.

La Posada Intersection (Continental and White House)

The stoplight work is moving along and the town anticipates the traffic signal work will be completed beLa Posada Stoplightfore Thanksgiving.

Work to install curbs, sidewalks and ramps has begun also. Southern Arizona Paving will also do pavement preservation work which will include a mill and overlay. Paving work is expected to begin after Thanksgiving and be completed by Christmas.

Striping work will begin in January 2020.

The town will maintain traffic through the area while work is in progress and has no plans for any detours. There may be delays and lane closures as work progresses

Quail Crossing Extension

Quail Crossing

About 4,300 linear feet of road were built during Phase 1 of the Quail Crossing Boulevard extension, which leads to Pima County’s new Llano Grande Trailhead. Design of Phase 2, which extends from the end of Phase 1 to Old Nogales Highway, is scheduled to be completed in September 2020. When all phases are complete, Quail Crossing Boulevard will connect to Old Nogales Highway/Continental Road, improving connectivity, accessibility and mobility for travelers.

Completed Projects

Pima Mine Road Bridge (APWA Award Winner)

The Town of Sahuarita was the winner of the American Public Works Association (APWA) 2017 Public Works Project of the Year in the Structures category for the Pima Mine Road Bridge Replacement.

The project improves mobility for regional traffic (between I-19 and Nogales Highway) by eliminating the previous load restrictions, and accommodates future development in the area by providing a four-lane bridge crossing.

Pima Mine Road Bridge Before Page-1_Before

Pima Mine Road Bridge After

Pima Mine Road Bridge After Photo 1

Pima Mine Road APWA AwardPima Mine Road Bridge Replacement Award

CAP Water Pipeline Extension

CAP pipes
Two 36-inch-wide extension pipes were added to the Central Arizona Project (CAP) pipeline along Old Nogales Highway. Project Renews and JPAR LLC, a water diversion group, combined to bring CAP water to Sahuarita to irrigate Green Valley Pecan fields. The extension was completed by T&T Construction in July 2019. 

Santa Cruz River Bridge Replacement

Santa Cruz Bridge Side by SideAs part of the effort to reduce the amount of local groundwater used for irrigation, a pipeline was built to bring Central Arizona Project (CAP) water to Sahuarita. In 2017, the Pima Mine Road Bridge over the Santa Cruz River was replaced (left). Borderland Construction drilled shafts for the bridge and installed two 36-inch-wide CAP pipelines as part of the new bridge (right). The CAP water that flows into Sahuarita, is recharged into local basins and now is pumped out to help irrigate Green Valley Pecan fields. The irrigation project is a joint operation by Project Renews and JPAR LLC, a water diversion group.

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