Applications and Checklists

Conditional Use Permits

Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)

Development Review Committee (DRC) Pre-Application Meetings

Development Review Committee Pre-Application Meeting Request Form (PDF)

Pre-Application Meeting Checklist (PDF)

Development Plans

Development Review Application (PDF)

Development Plan Required Notes (PDF)

Development Plan Checklist (PDF)

Home Occupations

Home Occupations are reviewed as part of a Business License application. Application is made directly to the Clerk's office, which will route the information to Planning & Zoning for review.

Landscape Plans

Approved Plant List (PDF)

Landscape Plan Checklist (PDF)

Landscape Plan Required Notes (PDF)

Development Review Application (PDF) (not required if the landscape plan is being submitted as part of a development plan or tentative plat)

Lot Line Adjustments/Parcel Splits

Lot Line Adjustment/Parcel Split Application (PDF)


Development Review Application (PDF)

Final Plat Checklist (PDF)

Final Plat Required Notes (PDF)

Tentative Plat Checklist (PDF)

Tentative Plat Required Notes (PDF)

Tentative Plats require submittal of a Recreation Area Plan (RAP). For RAP requirements, please see the Parks & Recreation Area Design Standards Manual (PDF). Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department with any questions related to RAP requirements.

Subdivision Policy Guidelines (PDF) offer direction on plat expirations, re-plats, and plat amendments.

Subdivision Assurances

Third Party Trust Assurance Agreement Form (PDF)

Letter of Credit Assurance Agreement Form (PDF)

Release of Assurances Checklist (PDF)

Partial Release of Assurances Form (PDF)

Full Release of Assurances Form (PDF)

Third Party Trust Substitute Assurances Form (PDF)


Rezoning Application (PDF)

Setback Modifications

Modification of Setback Application (PDF)

Specific Plan Amendments

Specific Plan Amendment Application (PDF)

Temporary Off-Site Sign Plan

A Temporary Off-Site Sign Plan requires approval by the Planning & Zoning Commission and allows for off-site temporary signs. Please use the Development Review Application, indicating "Temporary Off-Site Sign Plan" as the application type.

Development Review Application (PDF)

Temporary Sign Clearances

The application form below is for temporary signs located on private property. Due to a change in Town Code in response to federal case law, the Town no longer permits off-site temporary signs except as may be allowed per state law or through a Temporary Off-Site Sign Plan approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission. 

Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Temporary Uses

Temporary Use Application (PDF)


Variance Application (PDF)

Zoning Clearances

Zoning Clearance Application (PDF)

Wireless Communication Facilities

Wireless Communication Facility Application (PDF)

Eligible Wireless Facility Modification Application (PDF) (Section 6409a)