Property Complaint

The Planning and Building Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with building and zoning codes. Some examples of property complaints and the responding Division are:

  • Weeds (Planning and Zoning)
  • Junk vehicles (Planning and Zoning)
  • Illegal sign (Planning and Zoning)
  • Structure built without permit (Building Safety)
  • Substandard/dangerous structures (Building Safety)

Property complaints can be submitted online using the Accela Citizen's Portal. Scroll to the bottom of the Citizen Portal and click on "Submit a Complaint" under Code Enforcement. You do not have to create an account to submit a complaint via the Citizen Portal.

If you prefer, complaints may also be submitted in person at the Planning and Building Department or by phone:

Building Safety: (520) 822-8866

Planning and Zoning: (520) 822-8855